Welcome to Lightning Willow Farm, where the goats munch, the chickens cluck, the garden grows abound, the kids run wild, and we all get lost in the soap suds! 

We are a small family farm in Rockland, Massachusetts, on the south shore of Boston.  We make amazing goods such as our beautiful handcrafted soaps and all natural herbal skin care products. In season, we also sell our delicious farm fresh eggs, raw goat’s milk, and much more!! 

All our products are made right here on our farm by owner Meaghen, and use many of her own homegrown ingredients! Herbal infusions are the starting base to many of our wonderful products, which are made with 100% of our own homegrown herbs. Some of our infusions can take up to a year to reach their perfection. Base oils for soaps and creams are purchased from a local company that carries all natural and organic oils. The essential oils we use are therapeutic grade and of extremely high quality. Positive energy is an important part of our work, and it can be seen and felt in each cream, soap, or body care product you receive from us. Our products have even been time tested by our own growing family, so you know they are of excellent quality and made by people who care!!! 

On our farm, we are BETTER THAN ORGANIC!  We NEVER use hormones, routine antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides, and we don’t just do the bare minimum required by organic standards. We act as stewards of this land, hoping to facilitate a beautiful ecosystem where all living things work together and benefit from one another! Herbs, goat milk, rose petals, wildflowers, and other home produced ingredients are completely free from nasty chemicals and toxins. 

We ALWAYS list our ingredients, are available to answer questions, and will even custom blend for those customers with allergies and sensitivities!

Have fun browsing our website, and thank you for supporting our small family farm!!



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